Saturday, August 31

Grieved news =(

Yesterday, I saw a grieved news on Facebook.

This bloggie is important to me. 
It was my first bloggie, it meant a lot to me.
Tho I am not always login. 

It doesn't only exists my memories,
it included all my photos as well. 
Definitely like their photo system, 
where we could private or don't.

And now, 
I don't even know where should I private my photos anymore.
Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad :(

Blog posts, if the website turns down, 
where should I flashback my teenage memories life ?

WHY ?! 
Please don't ! 
It screwed my day up. 
Seriously, my mood is not that good :(

Sunday, April 7

Aloha, 2013 !

Aloha. Here's my first post on 2013.
* This photo taken during Chinese New Year - Chu Yi *

Alright, the sudden feel pushed me to blog here.
Hahaha I'm going to blog something in this month.
*evil grin, I'm not implying something kay ?*

There is merely left 5 days from today onwards.

Today, when the time I woke up,
as usual, I surf internet before brush.
Yuckkkksss !! I know it *blush*
Hahahaha But I bet you guys are same with me.

btw, I saw insta notification appeared on my top of the home screen.
It's Amy. She asked me out for yumcha. 
2 years, we have not seen each other.
Felt hungry at that time, and so, I out to meet her @ Pyramid.
We went for brunch first. 
Guess what, we competed for the payment.
at last, she paid for mine too. 
Thanks for your treating ! ;)

Since we had a heavy meal, 
we started to shop around there.
Everywhere we shopped for.

Alright, now I'm going to show you guys my harvest today.

These 4 top shirts are my harvest today.
I like the long-sleeved & sleeveless clothings.

PADINI, RM 119.00.

Quite love the cotton.
It's quite thick, but the cotton is soft.
Suit for cold weather :)

Actually I fall in love with the other long-sleeved clothings there.
All of them are great sense of fashion !
But the average price for each is around RM 120 :/ 
I couldn't afford them all at once ! -,- 

and I don't know why I like those long-sleeved clothings recently. 

PADINI, RM 49.00.
Sleeveless clothing.

The back side is transparent.
Actually the aim I bought this is just because to wear with my bikini

*Damn hate my previous eyebrows!! UGLY DEATH!*

* Can I own back this body shape? TT *

Back to topic. 
I'm gonna to wear the bikini with this sleeveless clothing.
Hehehehe I'm planning to have fun in Sunway Lagoon after final exam !
Quite long time never been for swimming. I think for few years.

Amy tried for this sleeveless clothing as well.
But she didn't buys at last.

VOIR, 50% off, before off. RM 53.00.

Hmm I'm not really like this shirt.
The reason for me to buy is the DISCOUNT PRICE & CUTTING !
This cutting seems good. I like those fit cutting top shirts.
It looks great when wearing on it.
The cotton as well. It's so flimsy. 
and my wardrobe lacks of colorful shirts. 

VOIR, 50% off, before off. RM 53.00.

This shirt too. I don't feel really like it.
But the reason why I bought this is the same with the orange shirt.

After both shirts discount, they only cost me RM 53.00.
which mean buy 1 free 1. Hahaha 

By the way, I satisfied with my harvest today.
It's been long time never shop for new clothes after CNY :/
Girls are always feeling lack of clothing -,-
and I bought them as my birthday gift actually.

Happy Birthday in advance to me, myself and I.

I don't really expect much in this coming birthday,
since I stayed away from my beloved family and boyfie.
They are the only people who can celebrate with me in every year.
I don't care it's a big or small celebration.
At least I could feel their love in my life.

My last big celebration was at 11 or 12 years old.
Secondary school until now, there is no more BIG celebration.
Every year the same, have a dinner outside with beloved family.
But I appreciate, at least my family always keep in mind with my birthday.

This coming 2013 birthday, it will be forgotten ? I don't know. 
Any friends will be with me in this birthday ? I don't know.
Will I stay alone in this birthday ? I don't know.

If there's no one remember my birthday.
I still would buy myself a small cupcake for birthday.
Kinda sad that I'm not able to return back to hometown 
due to the final exam is coming soon by next month.
It means that this month will be my last strive for final exam.
Anyway, I still believe that my next year birthday will be better than this year !

Yay ! Happy Birthday, girl ! 
It's my last "teen" birthday. ROFL
Sweeeeet-19 ! :*

Saturday, November 24

Nest @ KL

Since I decided to study at Sunway College @ KL
my daddy keep searching the residence for me.
Either college residence / uncle's house. That is.
In order to save the expenses, 
UNCLE'S HOUSE has been chosen.

When my first live at there, I was like....!@#$%^&*

You guys will know what I mean after looked at the picture below here.

Can you live in such kind of this place ?!
I never ever seen a housewife lazy till this stage !
Fold clothes 
Wash dishes
Sweep & Mop floor
Cook meals

SEE ?! How thick is the dust ?!
Just a desk !

Generally, those houseworks are doing daily
IF the woman is a HOUSEWIFE !
But then, you guys see ?
My uncle's wifey aka my aunty 
is not on her duty to do those houseworks.
She did it once / twice a week ONLY !
FARRKK ! *disgusting*

The house always in the condition with
messy, dirty, smelly !
wtffff !

* p/s : Forgive my rudeness here ! Tak boleh tahan !

One day, when I was in the kitchen ready to cook, 
a BIG MOUSE jumped out from the bottom of the place that we keep the pot. 
There is no people in the house.
and I just YELLED like a mad !
I'm getting cry out in that time !!!
Felt so helplessssssssss ! ='(

See !? It's a MOUSIE !

That's not the first time that I saw a rat in the house.
There's also appeared cockroaches in the toilet !
Normally the cockroach that we seen is only like our thumb size.
But the cockroachesssss that I saw in the toilet is just big like
our MIDDLE finger!

Luckily I'm a girl who don't scare cockroach !
If not, I really don't know how to fix that fucking problem !

1 month, 2 months, 3 months.......
passed !
I can deal myself well in this condition. 
I know the way to live in that house :X

Alright, show my room to you guys.

* Panorama view *

Took this photo at the beginning month since I moved to here.
But now, my room slightly changed already.
Hehehehe I'm lazy to take the latest photo.

My room is in a square size and it is really x3 so smalllll !
Maximum 2 people to live in. 
Even the people movement is a problem too :X
Imagine by yourself :P

Bought these two small wardrobe.
My favorite color, Pink 

When the first month I was here,
my gastric problem came again ! 
I felt so sorry to mummy. 
The same day she was driving back from Penang to Cameron.
On the way she going back home.
She knew my case and rushed to KL immediately !
Urmmm... always bother mummy this and that ='(

Uncle brought me to Sunway Medical Center.
Conclusion of my disease : 肠胃炎 -,-

Because of the hot weather here, 
I decided to cut my hair when I backed to Ipoh.
and so, I had cut my hair.
Actually it's not short enough for me.
But when I'm touching my hair,
it's too short -,
This is what we called people 
SPEECHLESS all the time !

I don't know why my hair grows so fast.
and now, it's long and thick again !
Sometimes I feel so tired with my long hair 

I bet everyone knows this right ? :目
Yea. It's a ETS train ticket.

Every public holidays 
I MUST go back to my hometown !
Family & Home is the best of the place to let us live in !
After moved to here, 
I always miss everything in Cameron.

The feeling when going back to hometown 
is not only the EXCITED mood,
it's the mood that we can't describe it. 

I don't miss any opportunities to get back to my hometown !
It's important for me to get back !! xD

Actually I'm not accustomed to live without their sakai sounds !
I'm always live alone here. 
Seems pity right ? Hahahaha

I love to stay with my sisters.
Cause they all always made my day by making jokes and funs !

Always miss my daddy & mummy too 
They always worrying me all the time.
No worries. I grew up !
I can handle problems now :D
and I'll promise you guys, 
I will study hard ! 
You guys must feel proud of me in the future !!

It's you guys turns here !!
For sure, I miss you guys tooooo 

We chit-chat all the time when we met up !
38 38 38 :D
share our sampat matters 

Love you guyssss 

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